English lessons

With tourism such a big part of Sri Lanka, we believe it is important for the children to develop English speaking skills to assist with future education and job prospects. We fund a weekly class for the children, which also includes any textbooks. After class, we treat them all to dinner and sweets.


Swimming classes

Even though Sri Lanka is surrounded by warm blue seas and many inland waters, too few children learn to swim and are afraid of the water. We have now hired a pool with a qualified instructor for weekly lessons, and have provided all bathing costumes for the children to keep so they can may learn to practice on their own in the future.


Computer classes

Over the years, thanks to kind donors, we have gifted many laptops, tablets and phones to children and families who could only dream of owning such items. Our next assignment is to set in place computer classes to help further educate and improve job prospects for the children's' futures.


Building projects

One of our hopes for the future is to raise more funds to assist families living in inadequate housing conditions. Last year we completed our first building project with the construction of a toilet block at the home of two sisters who live with their mother and grandmother. We will soon start fundraising for another family who live in extremely poor-quality housing and deserve some stability which many others take for granted.


Day trips

When Justin was first volunteering at the orphanage in 2013 he wanted to treat the children to a fun day out doing something they had never experienced. So for his first sponsored trip out he took the children and their matrons to the movie theatres, which proved a big success! Every year since, with permission from local authorities and parents, we have found new and exciting places to take the kids as a treat. From waterslide parks to sporting events and last year a wildlife safari, we will continue to ensure the children have special days to remember.


Karuna care kits

Each month we give each of the children a 'Karuna Care Kit', with a reusable bag containing sanitary items, soaps, toothbrushes & paste, deodorants and laundry soap. These kits come to $20 per child and are a great donation item for anyone wishing to help.

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